Upcoming Classes

Class:  NRA Basic Pistol (required for CT Permit)

Every Sunday for 2017, limited class size. Private groups for 3 or more students.

Location:  Berlin, CT

Time:  10:00 AM

Cost:  $135.00 (includes notary service, all range time and a BONUS lesson)

Our goal isn’t only that you pass the class and obtain your CT Pistol Permit, but we try to work with you on some of the basics so you are prepared when you go to the range on your own for the first time.

We put A LOT of effort into making sure all students leave our class with a clear understanding of firearms safety and are comfortable with that knowledge.  If a student needs extra help, we’re more than willing to stay behind and address any questions and concerns.  Our classes are not “permit mills” or rushed.  Small class sizes are always guaranteed so students can gain the most from the program.

For more information, please send a message via about/contact page here.