New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Frees Brian Aitken


Justice Breyer – Second Amendment wasn’t that important to our founding fathers

INSANE discussion this week on recent interviews with US Supreme Court Justice Breyer.  I’m still dumbfounded how someone is supposedly such a genius in this nations legal system, makes it to the supreme court and STILL cannot get this right (Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan).

Interesting to hear this discussion between Cam Edwards of NRA News and Warner Todd Huston of Publius Forums.

Local second amendment abuse in PA

Interesting piece on 2A abuse by cities in PA and made me think….. how can this apply to CT and our issues with New Britain and New London and their insane ordinances against concealed carry..

Safe gun handling

Here’s another really good video from Steve at Safe Arms Review.

It is a longer video on something basic, but if you watch it straight through, you can see some of the many reasons and how an accidental discharge of your firearm can and do occur.

Dry fire training

Dry fire training is indeed very useful. Especially if you are new to handgun marksmanship. During the process of dry firing, you’re body will tend to learn to memorize certain mechanics so that they become second nature.

Steve at Safe Arms Review has a great training video on this topic: