How to shoot with both eyes open

I often see students struggle with either cross eye dominance, or muscle spasms from shooting with one eye closed.  Here is a good video that goes into some detail about shooting with both eyes open, it’s benefits and various methods to overcome poor sight picture.  What’s even more important, if you ever had to defend yourself, you most likely would have both eyes open (it’s practically an involuntary reaction).


Great gun cleaning demo – Revolver

Here is a really good, basic revolver cleaning video from one of the authors (Roy Huntington) at FMG publications (some of the best gun mags around, including American Handgunner). I did a previous post on the pistol, here is the revolver version:

Midway USA short safety videos

Larry Potterfield over at Midway USA has done some short two minute or so videos on various firearms and safety.  Semi-Auto pistol, revolver, rifle and shotgun all included.

Click below to watch ’em all.

Magazine limit testimony

What a great day!  Almost ZERO for antis showed up.

We still need more firearms owners to testify at these hearings or it won’t be if….. but when we lose our rights!

Great gun cleaning demo – Pistol

Here is a really good gun cleaning video.  Video demonstrated by an author for FMG publications (Roy Huntington of American Handgunner).  I really like the “don’t dip the brush in the bottle” bit….. in many videos, that part freaks me out with contamination and all.

If you know of any other really good videos, please let me know so we can share!

I observed a Board of Firearms Permit Examiners meeting/hearings – interesting!


As an instructor, I wanted to observe the process at least once so I can have a better idea of what to tell potential permit holders what to expect if it should go this far, and how to prepare.

I was also rather curious as to the process in my 2A advocacy projects here in the state as well.

A couple of the board members seemed rather balanced and I was kinda surprised.

Some of the hearings……. OMG…… some people really should not have a firearm!!!  I don’t know how often this is, but….

Case No. 10-75-R, Efrosinie Mathews, represented by Atty. John O’Brien vs. Commissioner James M. Thomas, Dept. of Public Safety  –

This case is interesting to listen to with regards to the attorney and what he wants to present and object and how he is continually denied.  Also think the prescriptions vs actual consumption part is interesting.


Case No. 10-113-R, David Liptak vs. Commissioner James M. Thomas, Dept. of Public Safety  –

Can’t say I would want this guy living next to me though.  This case, is really HILARIOUS to listen to…. really….. listen to the reason why he discharges his firearm!!!  I can’t make this up.


Case No. 10-167-D, Pete Schoppenhauer, Jr. vs. Chief Neil O’Leary, Wolcott Police Department  –

Interesting, considering his denial reason:  unidentified person on his property….. Wolcott could’ve taken the reasoning for this into consideration, but…. chose local issuing authority denial up front.


Case No. 10-124-D, Jody Simpson vs.  Chief Michael Maniago, Torrington Police Department –

This case is interesting because the appellant did have a criminal history – BUT WAS CLEAN FOR ALMOST A QUARTER CENTURY!!!!  The town could have just said that the guys past was a LONG time ago and has indeed straightened out his life – but no…….  The board was unanimous on this one.

So far, I walk away with more reason why this state should indeed be a shall issue state (not that I needed much nudging on this one).  Even is we are a shall issue state, wouldn’t we still need to have hearings for people to recover their permit when it is revoked?  Who would handle the hearings?

California: Appeal Filed in Lawsuit Challenging San Diego CCW Policies

For those of you that know Ed Peruta, here is the NRA News update on the San Diego case and the appeal.

As anyone knows Ed will tell ya, he ain’t gonna give up no matter what!  If more people stood up to second amendment rights abuse, we wouldn’t have to spend so much time in courts.  Keep going Ed, we’re sure with ya!

So, now it’s on to the “9th Circus” with the appeal.

Concealed carry options for women

There are a lot of great videos for women and firearms on the web and we’ll add them here from time to time.

I like the many different holsters this YouTuber went through before settling on a system that works for her – then shared her results.  This may help many of you when it comes to deciding a carry system.  It can get expensive when you purchase as many holsters as she has, so hopefully this helps you out a bit.


Cartridge case components

Great video for those new to shooting that simply explains the parts of a cartridge and what happens when the round is fired.

Interesting to see this in Ohio, especially considering CT and New Britain and New London

Just caught this on NRA, quite interesting especially since some of the online forum discussions lately regarding New Britain and New London.  Though this is obviously not CT, I wonder how this would go down if someone in either of these two towns takes a fight up the legal process.


Good news here, the State of Ohio and NRA position has been upheld……