We offer a variety of courses and lessons aimed at making new shooters more comfortable and experienced firearms owners more knowledgeable about their firearms.

New Shooters, introduction and fundamentals of safety – This course is designed to see if shooting is something you want to get started with.  Very basic introduction to firearms safety, understanding what the main differences are between pistols, revolvers and long arms.  After the introduction, some time on the range for some hands on experience.  This is a private lesson.

Parent/Youth Firearms Introduction – This course is the same as above but designed for a parent and a youth to shoot together.  Like the above class, this is a private lesson.

New Pistol Permit Introduction – So, you’ve got your permit and you picked up your first gun, great.  Now what?  This course is usually a private course designed to help new shooters understand their new firearm, basic maintenance of their new firearm and range time.  Range time will reinforce what was taught at the Basic Pistol Course most residents take to get their permit.  After the course, we will cover how to break down and clean your firearm.

Live Fire Shooting Lessons – want to improve your trigger discipline?  Stance?  Improve your sight alignment and sight picture?  These are the lessons for you.  Rifle, pistol or revolver, all available.

AR-15 From The Ground Up – This covers just about everything you need to get you started with your AR.  From breaking it apart and performing proper maintenance right up to your first shots.  This is the “ins and outs” of everything to do with the AR.  Special attention to how to clean and maintain your rifle.  This class is offered private or in a group setting.

Shooting for those with disabilities – We offer lessons designed to help people with various disabilities.  These are a little more time consuming, but we have the experience to help people with various physical disabilities.  If you have a disability, but don’t own a firearm, then this lesson can help you decide what may work better depending on a persons disability.

If you have any questions or special needs, feel free to contact us!