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California: Appeal Filed in Lawsuit Challenging San Diego CCW Policies

For those of you that know Ed Peruta, here is the NRA News update on the San Diego case and the appeal. As anyone knows Ed will tell ya, he ain’t gonna give up no matter what!  If more people stood up to second amendment rights abuse, we wouldn’t have to spend so much time […]

Interesting to see this in Ohio, especially considering CT and New Britain and New London

Just caught this on NRA, quite interesting especially since some of the online forum discussions lately regarding New Britain and New London.  Though this is obviously not CT, I wonder how this would go down if someone in either of these two towns takes a fight up the legal process. ***Update*** Good news here, […]

Local second amendment abuse in PA

Interesting piece on 2A abuse by cities in PA and made me think….. how can this apply to CT and our issues with New Britain and New London and their insane ordinances against concealed carry..